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My mother was a client of Melinda and her secretary Yamilet, they were amazing! They were extremely helpful, efficient, and responsive! I truly recommend contacting them for any issues you may have. Everything worked out in my mother’s favor because of them! Thank you for your great service!

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Melinda is hands down the best immigration attorney! She has been fighting for me since 2013 and did everything in her power to get me my green card! Thank you again 😊

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My husband and I are extremely grateful for Melinda and her staff! From the beginning Melinda treated my husband with kindness and gave us hope when we thought there was none. A very special thanks to Yesenia as well for always keeping us updated, informed and helping us through every step .His case was approved at his Immigrant Visa Interview in the US Embassy in El Salvador. Even though the case became very complex due to recent changes with immigration laws, Melinda never gave up on our case and continued to fight for us. Melinda and her staff did everything in their power to make sure everything went well for my husband and their efforts are greatly appreciated. After so many years (6 years), we can finally celebrate my husband’s immigration status! He wouldn’t have his green card without Melinda or his staff’s help. We highly recommend this office.

Going through immigration proceedings can sometimes leave you feeling a bit undervalued as a human, stressed, and ashamed….especially the way some people treat you when you show up for court or in front of an immigration officer. I cannot stress enough that we felt confident and valued because of Melinda, Yesenia and others that we worked with through out the years and that was something we could hold on to when we had to be in front of some officials who were less than welcoming.

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